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How much room do I need for a spa?
You must allow a flat, dry surface of at least 2m x 2m.  If unsure please email a photo of the area and we can check if it is suitable.

How much access do I need for a spa?
The access must be clear and ready for us on delivery. Spa’s are wheeled in on a trolley on their side.  You need an opening of at least 720mm width (most standard door/gate opening) and 2m in height.  As the spas are 400kg, stairs, sand, overgrown, boggy lawn and tight corners can be a problem. Again if unsure a photo via email can be sent through for us to check if suitable.

What kind of power connection do I need for the spa?
A standard 10amp power connection is needed no further than 25m from spa.  A 20m extension cord is supplied.

How long does spa take to fill and heat?
The spa will take approximately half an hour to fill depending on your water pressure and 6 to 8 hours to heat fully to the desired temperature.

Set up and cleaning
We will place spa in requested area and run through operating procedure, how to drain and chemical requirements. Client to fill. No cleaning of the spa is required, however, the spa must be drained and empty, ready for us on pick up. (a fee will be back charged on any booking that does not comply with this).

How to book?
Send us an online booking form through our website.  We will confirm your booking within 24 hours, or phone us on 0424 900 700.

We ask for payment in full on delivery.  We have a card machine for your convenience or alternatively via EFT one week before the booking date.

Delivery & pick up times
We will contact you the day before your booking date to confirm details and arrange a delivery time.  Pick up time can be arranged with driver at time of delivery.

Delivery charges
Some suburbs may be subject to a delivery charge, we will advise at time of booking if this applies.